Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Maryland adventure

I went to South Carolina last Thursday to pick up my little brother from Ft. Jackson, he got a 2 week leave from the Army for Christmas and I was his ride home. Our trip was threatened by icy roads and the possibility of snow, I'm happy to say we made it to Maryland with no troubles at all (well... besides taking 1 wrong exit, which was quickly corrected). While in Maryland I went to visit my father in law and the gallery "Joie De Vivre" where his art work is displayed.
Me playing the part of Vanna White in the John Root Hopkins gallery

These were a few of my favorites besides the works that I already own.
This one is probably one of my all time favorites ever.
Jack Kevorkian painted by my father in law and a story written in Baltimore Magazine
Another artist whom I fell in love with is Danny Doughty, he has the most wonderful whimsical folk art style I've ever seen. His colors are brilliant and his work will most certainly make you smile.
Danny painting geese on a cupboard

Danny Doughty has zoomed to the top of my favorite artist list. I purchased cards and 2 prints during my visit, I'll be looking for another piece soon :o)

I brought oysters back with me and I found hitchhiker!
A baby crab and my thumb
I had car trouble during my visit, thankfully my brother knew what he was doing and replaced my water pump for me. Yay! for brothers! This extended my trip by 2 days.


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