Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Busy and very productive day.

Well today is the 3rd straight day of firing pottery. The weather in Georgia has been hot and humid and my kiln just adds to the misery of it by heating up my studio even more. I started sweating this morning by 8:30am and didn't stop, it was not a pretty sight.  This evening Mike and I planted 2 blueberry bushes and I watered everything in the gardens while he grilled dinner. After dinner, I made soap. I have a homemade soap addiction. I love it, it's so much better then store bought. My soap is a goats milk base, I'll be in homemade soapy heaven for months at a fraction of the cost of what I was spending. 

After I made soap, I made my favorite homemade candy called  "potato candy"
The ingredients are simple:
1 small potato (golf ball size)
confectioners sugar (about 2 lbs) 
Creamy peanut butter
(wax paper too!)
and that's all.... whats not to love there? 

Boil your small potato until done and mash it up really good with a fork. Add confectioners sugar about a half cup at a time is good. At first it will make this weird liquid goo. Keep adding sugar until you have dough, like cookie dough. Flatten the dough out flat with a rolling pin or glass onto waxed paper. Use sugar to flour the surface if needed so the dough doesn't stick. Once you've got the dough rolled out thin (not too thin) spread a thin layer of peanut butter all over it 
 and then roll it up like a jelly roll. It's a good idea to chill this in the refrigerator for about an hour then slice it into 1/2 inch slices. I made mine with not as much peanut butter this time, it's really your preference.


SearingFlesh said...

I love potato candy!!It sounds weird and nasty, but it is so incredible. The potato is just the vehicle by which crazy amounts of confectioner's sugar is turned into yummy goodness!

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