Monday, June 7, 2010

Kiln drama continued...

Ok so, to continue my kiln drama from yesterday.
I  woke up and headed  straight down to my studio (in my basement) to check my kiln.
Of course the top shelf was perfectly fine, it was the bottom shelf that I was worried about. I unloaded the top and removed the top shelf and this is what I saw. I took the pictures as I was seeing it for the first time.

I completely forgot I put that little plaque in there and it saved my shelf!!!! *sigh of relief*

And... those 2 mugs that look like they are touching...
I'm so, so lucky!!! This could have been bad enough to put me out of business for a while. 
I'm breathing much easier this morning and I may have let out a little squeal when I saw the outcome.
Dumb luck or the kiln gods were watching over me, either way I'm so thankful.


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