Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Liquid Ass"

I went for a drive tonight with my son Levi (age 18), we went to the Game Stop to get a video game and then we went driving through a neighborhood that I photographed for the developer a few years ago. While we're driving along he starts to tell me...well here's how it went:
Levi: I know what I'm gonna buy as soon as I get a job.
Me: What?
Levi: Well first I'm gonna open up a paypal account so I can buy some liquid ass.
Me: Do what?
Levi: Liquid ass
Levi: Liquid ass, it's this liquid that comes in a spray and it smells like straight up butt hole.
Levi: I'm serious, it just takes a little bit and omg it stinks horrible. There was some people that used some in a store like wal-mart and people walking by were looking down at the floor and checking their shoes because it smelled just like a turd was near them.
Me: Levi...
Levi: I'm serious mom, and these other people sprayed some on paper towels in a public restroom so when people washed their hands, they then dried em with paper towels that smelled like butt *uncontrollable laughter*.
Me: Levi that's disgusting.
Levi: It's only 5 dollars and I'm gonna get some.
So I looked up "Liquid Ass" just for the heck of it and it's prankplace's top seller.

Do boys ever out grow this stuff?

Oh we did attempt to take pictures of the sunset with our cell phones also, it was gorgeous tonight.


Marlene aka LuckyDog said...

omg. the title of the post totally sucked me in, then I was actually laughing way out loud. I pitty the fool that gets pranked with the liquid ass

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