Sunday, June 6, 2010

I may be close to a full blown freak out

I stayed home today and skipped my usual market visit so that I could work. I fired my kiln and as I was flipping on the final switch and closing a peep hole, I heard a noise. Trying not to panic I calmly opened the peep hole back up so that I could peek inside and yes, it was just as I had feared, I had a tip over.
On the bottom shelf I have some travel mugs stilted so that they don't stick to the kiln shelf and evidently the stilt wasn't as stable as I thought it was and a mug has flipped over on it's side *ugh!!!!*.
Usually when something like this happens it's like domino's. I've never had it happen during a firing.  I can only imagine that when it flipped, it probably hit another mug. It's almost impossible not to hit another mug actually and I'm thinking the mug it hit may be laying against the wall of the kiln *ugh!!!! x10*
So I'm pretty well just sick at the thought of opening my kiln to see what damage there could be. I may be looking at side wall and element damage. The shelf that it's laying on will be a mess, the mug will adhere to it and will have to be chiseled off if the kiln wash isn't thick enough. Kiln wash is a chalky wash that you brush onto your shelves to help prevent glaze drips from sticking, not sure how it will holdup against a mug sticking. So... I may be using a grinder to clean the shelf. The more I think about all the ugliness that could be waiting for me the worse I feel. I'm seriously stressed out, this could not be happening at a worse time.
 I have to wait until tomorrow when it's cooled down before I can open my kiln to have a look.


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