Friday, June 11, 2010

Drink more wine?

I save, collect and sometimes beg for wine bottles from my friends. I have a pretty good stash of them at the moment. I make things out of them which keeps them out of the landfill. Well, I discovered a particular wine from a local winery that I love, thanks to a friend, (thanks Matt!).
It comes in a red bottle, well if I fire this red bottle in my kiln, the red burns off and I'm left with a clear bottle,  so melting it is not an option. I've been looking for another use for my empty wine bottles and I found it!
I made this today and I love it.
I'm going to end up being a wine-o 

Should I decorate it or leave it plain? I'm leaning towards plain, what do you think? I'll have these listed in my Etsy shop this evening.  What a great way to feed the birds and be environmentally friendly.


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