Sunday, June 20, 2010

My stalker and the duck...

I was sitting on the sofa quietly trying to watch tv. 
Every once in a while I would hear a faint noise,
I didn't pay much attention to it. 
My eyes left the tv screen 
and fell upon the eyes of another.
At that moment 
I knew for certain
that I was being watched.
 I tried to ignore her at first... 
She grew more impatient with me and finally, 
she came and threw her duck on me.
Play time!!!

Abby hadn't been feeling well, age and the heat have been getting to her, even though she only goes out for a few minutes at a time to go potty. I was really concerned about her last week, thinking her time was starting to run out. But I babied her and begged her not to break my heart and it must have worked because she's back to feeling better. So we played one of our games, "Kill that duck!" and had some snuggle time. 

The last picture of her, the settings were off on my camera and in order to salvage the shot I had to process it pretty heavily in lightroom, it was almost completely black. I kind of like how it turned out. 
My sofa has a built in recliner /foot rest, I had my legs propped up when she threw her duck up on me. She props her chin on the duck like that, ready for you to try an take it from her. As soon as you reach out for the duck she snaps it up in her mouth and when I holler "kill that duck!!", she shakes it like mad. 
Silly ole girl.


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